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Blackwater Jobs

Not everybody is cut out for Blackwater jobs. One of the world's largest military and protective services contractors, Blackwater is best-known for the support they provided to the US military and intelligence agencies during the height of the war in Iraq. During that time, the company was on the receiving end of some bad press; caught between competing political agendas and dangerous situations, Blackwater took a hit in popularity. Today, however, the hardworking men and women behind Blackwater continue to serve governments around the world to provide much-needed protection and military services. 

Qualifying for Employment

People who take Blackwater jobs typically have a background in the military; at the very least, they are qualified martial artists and military tacticians. Blackwater is a perfect place for former members of the military who are ready to give up working for the government but not ready to give up the adrenaline and nobility of a job protecting others in dangerous situations.

The current Blackwater jobs contractor openings posted on the official Blackwater website provide a taste for what kinds of people the company is looking for. At the moment, most military-oriented jobs require contractors to travel to Afghanistan, where they will support the DoD in positions such as intelligence analysts, explosive detection dog handlers, personal security, and armorers.

Besides overseas jobs, Blackwater jobs can also be closer to home, mostly at the company's training Center in North Carolina. They are always looking for men and women capable of teaching firearms basics, training detection dogs, and so forth.

Other Types of Positions

Not all Blackwater jobs are the kinds of positions featured in action movies. With any company as large as Blackwater, a vast and skilled support staff is also required to keep operations running smoothly.

To this end, Blackwater jobs also include run-of-the-mill positions such as accountants, maintenance, facility services, legal services, and so forth. Because Blackwater contracts with the US government, there are also positions that specialize in writing and presenting contract proposals. For these types of jobs, Blackwater requires sales-oriented individuals who also have a proficient understanding of military operations.

In sum, Blackwater remains one of the largest contractors used by the US government. Anyone considering Blackwater jobs will be glad to know that plenty of military-oriented positions, as well as non-military positions, remain available both within the United States and abroad.

Updated: 30 April 2012